First-hand experience

The new frontiers of the web3

What is the problem we want to solve

Raise awareness of epochal changes

Today's challenges create changes that transform our way of living and the relationship between people. This should not leave us indifferent but, rather, lead us towards greater emotional sensitivity capable of making us, question positive or negative consequences, the privilege of our actions that will generate sustainable and inclusive dynamics.

New paradigms

New paradigms that can help us to review our way of thinking and acting are increasingly fundamental, even considering that the change of an era can pose serious questions about our cultural identity.

It is therefore necessary to project ourselves towards new frontiers and new borders to strengthen emotional experiences to encourage us to act with a multidisciplinary, interpretative and creative observation angle.

How technology can help us

Virtual reality can help us today when it is able to generate added value, an immersive and engaging experience that reveals historical backgrounds through digital storytelling, becoming a tool for communicating to everyone a meaning otherwise confined to an audience of specialists.

With the intention of safeguarding, enhancing and promoting cultural heritage to the community, increasing awareness of need, the sense of belonging and social cohesion, ARTI studies and develops the application of technology to make the experience an emotional and educational one

The aim is to create harmony with the need of cultural heritage restoration, engaging individuals, in the most interactive way possible, towards fundraising initiatives, aiming to make cultural philanthropy democratic and participatory.

Get in touch with us

ARTI works in close contact with academic and scientific institutions, professionals and students with a multidisciplinary approach, considering the mix of theory and practice essential to generate concrete and creative solutions in the complexity of the digital economy, governing the decision making process, with responsibility and vision.

We involve local authorities, museums and foundations interested in starting a collaborative relationship.