We are ARTI

An innovative and creative company to connect experiences and synthesize them on cultural and natural heritage.

A synergy between different scientific areas, a fusion of different disciplines, between Art and Culture, Philosophy and Finance, Design and Technology. We mix skills to create a valuable result.

We are a multidisciplinary team with experience gained in Italy and abroad.

We like to interact with other cultures, to share and learn.

We believe that real capital is what nature and history have given us, which we often do not recognize and sometimes we lose.

Insieme vogliamo tutelare e valorizzare la bellezza del patrimonio culturale e naturale che contraddistingue il nostro Paese in un rapporto di circolarità economica per la generazione di valore.

We collaborate with local entities with interests and strong distinctive elements, for growth closely related to the valorization of the territory and its material and immaterial intentions.

"We don't need to think more but differently."


Join us

Together we can make a difference

TRACE Support Programme for tourism SMEs

ARTI was selected to participate in the TRACE tourism SME support program coordinated by the National Research Council ISPC (Institute for Heritage Science) and co-financed by the European Union. The TRACE program targets 100 European SMEs to develop a sustainability and circular economy plan.

MIT designX Venice

ARTI was selected among the 10 most promising startups by the jury of the MIT designX Venice program - the Venture Accelerator of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, under the guidance of MIT Boston and SerenDPT.

Switch2Product – Innovation Challenge

ARTi wins the 2021 edition of # Switch2Product, the Innovation Challenge of Politecnico di Milano PoliHub - Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator and Deloitte for innovative solutions, new technologies and business ideas

Un dialogo per la crescita

We are focusing on our funding strategy to ensure the growth of a dynamic environment for people able to influence responsible change. Together we walk the right steps towards a valuable profit.

Un progetto pilota di rilievo

We start our activities by taking as a reference a precious monument, immersing ourselves in what is the origin of the asset, its history and its material and immaterial wealth in the past, present and future.

Open Innovation al centro del Business Model

ARTI involves research and academical Institutions aiming to sign mutual collaboration and organizations that want to stand out and affect new business models.  

Nascita di ARTI

The company is established.

Il disegno del progetto

The ARTI project was born to develop a new path capable of helping to re-associate economic growth and wealth of the cultural and natural heritage. We started the project in 2020 at the EIT Digital Summer School "Disrupting Finance With Digital Technologies".

Whatever results we can achieve, someone will surely have helped us and the more the results are important, the greater the number of people we will have to thank

TEAM ARTI, dreamers and people