"Cultural Heritage is an attachment, a combination of different factors".

This is our first talk. Everything was born with extreme simplicity, passion and commitment towards the development of the ARTI project.

We believe it is extremely important to confront each other, confident of receiving availability and involvement from an ever-growing number of experts in the sector and beyond.

We believe that the meaning of cultural heritage is also this: to seek the simple harmony of a dialogue between people who may have different roles, experiences and positions in our society.

But the meaning of Cultural Heritage is an integral part of each of us and as such it must be treated, managed, valued and preserved in a shared way, respecting the meaning of the common good.

We will try to make this initiative grow, which has the sole purpose of involving and sharing opinions in compliance with the conditions necessary to pass on the right meaning of cultural heritage to future generations, always linked to the words care and beauty.

With Fabio Carrera we tried to talk about the relationship between cultural heritage and territorial economic development.

In this context, we have dealt with the difference between tangible and intangible cultural heritage and the relationship between research and innovation applied to the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.

The three questions addressed:

- What is the significance of Cultural Heritage for the local territory.

- What is the current state of Cultural Heritage and how can we improve its condition through communication.

- What is the relationship between theoretical research within the world of academia and its concrete application in reality.

Tangible and intangible cultural heritage

A relationship of extreme value to be protected and valued for economic and social growth.

Preserve and safeguard cultural heritage

There are limits to ensure the safeguarding of cultural heritage strictly dependent on the availability of capital available from the central authorities. This conditions the decisions concerning the conservation, management and maintenance of the common good.

Innovation and cultural heritage

Innovation can create opportunities towards cultural heritage management but there are threats if the meaning of cultural heritage is not clearly managed, guaranteed, regulated. The risk is the interference of the private sector on the public good with an impact on the cultural integrity and on the economy of the territory and of the local community.

How psychologically we perceive the close relationship can be an important factor. The cultural relationship and territorial belonging of individual people opens up the meaning of cultural heritage. The relationship between even different cultures can be a new frontier towards broader paradigms for the protection of cultural heritage.

creating valuable opportunities of jobs in Venice is preservation and conservation of local cultural heritage as well!


Fabio Carrera, Andrea Monaco

– arti-talk #1

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